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Annual Tucson Orchid Dinner Meetup 2017

I met a number of interesting and talented people and had some great conversations at the annual dinner meetup in past years. Are members still interested in meeting?


Hi Kim
What date/ time/place are you thinking?
I’m in if it fits my schedule .
Thanks for putting this out there.

I’d be interested too let us know time and place

I would be interested, too, but only there for a couple of evenings (2nd and 3rd). Please share, if you do.
Thanks, Melissa

“Art a lie that tells the truth.” - Pablo Picasso

Yes, Kim. I’m interested in the Orchid dinner. Has someone taken leadership in setting a date and place?? I’ll be there Feb 2-5. This get-together has been so rewarding in the past. Interesting people with amazing talent. Everyone should be sure to wear a signature piece(s) and be prepared to share the techniques, sources, etc.!!!

Judy in Kansas, who is still waiting for the ice storm to hit. Maybe luck will keep it away.

I’m not sure who the original planners were, and I don’t want to step on any toes, but if you guys are interested in having me plan something, I will try an get a few speakers and talk with the same restaurant about reserving space.

I will need someone to nominate me, and a second.

I will need one of you to volunteer to run the welcome table, arrive 90 minutes early to secure our spot, and provide name tags, and track RSVP numbers as I promote this.

Last time I was there it seemed like we had about 15 tables with three to four people each.

Can we each speak for a few minutes on what our passions and interested are for being in Tucson?


A number of you have contacted me asking for the date. I would rather that we all came to the most convenient consensus for the majority. I prefer attending ATGA, and associated shows, so first week of February most appeals to me. Some people fly home Friday evening, so Thursday evening makes sense. I think I remember this being the usual evening in previous years as well. However, it should be the evening that works best for most people, so please post your preference here.

Also, the more we chat about it here in public the more others will notice this post and join us. And the more fun the gathering will be.


Hi Kim,
I’m onlyithere forAGTA so that part works.
I also nominate you, you’re doing a great job of getting this in motion.
Just keep it simple. (for your sake…)
Thanks, Jim

I’m mostly a lurker online, but I would love to meet some of you face to face. Any day is good for me. You mentioned AGTA and Thursday. Does that mean Thursday, Feb 2?

I’d love to connect in person as well, will be there Jan 30-feb 3.

The AGTA show starts Jan. 31 to Feb. 5.
I’m committed on the 1st. (part of the day (early) and the eve).
All else is still open.
Thanks, Jim

I’m in for Feb. 2 thru Feb. 5 Orchid gathering anytime on those dates!
Have given up on attending AGTA, but will surely use the time in other venues. So much to see; So little time.
Judy in Kansas

OK, we have a small group of us interested. How about Thursday evening, February 2, at 7:00 PM?

It looks like the group met in 2013 four blocks North of the Convention Center at Cafe a la Cart. I have put in a reservation on a table for 12 people here, but if anyone has a better suggestion or a date or time conflict, please let me know.

It looks as though we do not have enough interest this year for me to set up speaking guests, door prizes, etc., but it will still be fun to get together and meet others in person.

If others are interested in joining us, please reply to this post, or contact me directly so that I can increase our table size. I can be contacted here, or at:

Looking forward to meeting you all,


Kim - Thursday is what date exactly? I may be attending this year, I am still “negotiating” with my wife to see if she is willing to be solo with the kids!

Thursday, February 02, 2017. Thanks for asking and I will amend the above comment.

I don’t see many children at the Tucson gem shows, but I always encourage parents to bring their kids out with them. Well behaved adults only learn their manors by being well behaved children.

Yes. Thursday, February 2, at 7:00 PM, and there is no need to be well known in the community to join us. This group is traditionally very easy to get along with as we all have intersecting, but slightly different, interests.

Works for me.

It Would be good to post a head count and the names of people intending to show up.
Name tags really help, I know they’re goofy, But I’ve run very large and smallish events and I’ve found them very useful.

I will bring name tags, and arrive a little before 7:00 PM to secure our tables.

Keeping lists, checking them twice isn’t my strong suit. As an extrovert I tend to get distracted when people are around me. I will keep a head count for restaurant reservations, and post it as we get closer to the date. If anyone wishes to maintain the list and or run the greet table please let us know. It would be appreciated.