Amber Polishing

Polishing Amber betty, your friend can sand out the amber using
slow speed motorized polishing equipment or by hand, using
progressivly finer grits of papaer. For final polishing metal and
plastic polishes are not the right choices. There is a specialized
compound, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Ask an amber
dealer or lapidary shop. Probably some of the fine silicon
wheels would work, but again at a slow speed!

Hello Forum Folks, I would like to know some effective ways of
getting a polish on Amber. I have pieces finished down to 1200 grit
diamond . I know there has been informaation in the past but I can’t
seem to locate it. Would appreciate all replys and techniques
offered. Also would like on start to finish on tumbling
chips of Amber. Thanks a bunch, Joyce


After prepolishing amber polish it on a soft cotton muslin buff at
3450RPM (if you have it) with ZAM. It will produce a perfect polish.
Just don’t use too much pressure…that will build the friction,
and cause a surface flow…skewing the amber into ripples.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry @coralnut2

Pearls Drops tooth polish on a muslin buffing wheel at the lowest
setting produces a beautiful finish.

For finishing smaller pieces in the tumbler, I use the Pearl Drops
in porcelain shot mixed with some plastic pellets for extra cushion.

Lyn Punkari

One friend of mine had excellent results using toothpaste and his
thumb to bring up a high polish on faceted amber (he is a gem
faceter). Jeffrey Everett

   I would like to know some effective ways of getting a polish on

Best polish I’ve gotten on amber is by rubbing in on my blue jeans.
It’s a nice, soft polish.

Richard, in warm, muggy Michigan…ugggh!