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[again] Digital camera comparisons

was: EZcube lightbox vs. Rio’s infinity board

I prefer to spend my sweated money with a good camera and lenses.
Now I have a Kodak DX7590 with macro lenses, but I'm looking for a
Nikon D60. 

These are two websites I send people to in order for them to pick
the best camera for their needs. Usual disclaimer.

steve’–Simple and basic. Features are explained,
excellent for those getting their first digital or upgrading. Go to
Reviews in left hand column, then All Reviews in the drop down menu.
If you already have a digital camera and don’t want to read through
all of the manual to know how to use the various features, this site
has simple visual tutorials. This one gives more technical on color
rendering, sharpness, noise, and side-be-side comparisons of similar
grades of cameras, with the same criteria for the similar cameras.
Go to Reviews/Previews in left hand menu, then More in the drop down
menu, then choose either by Ratings or Camera Model. It also has
lens reviews.

There is also ‘’. The amount of is almost
too much; but I found it helpful.

They also list sources and prices. A nikon D60 is listed at $535. I
don’t know if that’s a good price or not.


Speaking of digital camera’s - I got a Samsung SL310W for Christmas
as a gift but so far have not had much successwith the macro. Let me
know if any of you are familiar with it and can give advice.



What problems, specifically, are you having? If you can explain the
problem clearly, many of us can probably help.

Most camera “problems” are actually lighting related, not camera
related. But it’s always important to be using the correct tool for
the task. What is the task? What would you like? What are you

Wayne Emery