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Advice please on how to fix this silver bracelet

Good morning everyone.

A client has asked me to fix the catch on his mothers bracelet. He wants it to be permanently fixed onto his wrist as his mother passed away. The bracelet is solid silver and the catch is very worn. The bracelet has a hinge and you twist it to slot the join together. I have included photos to show the catch.

Use a rivet, screw or crimp tubing around the joint. Looks like there may be a crack on the right side. Just a though, what do you do if it gets caught in a car door or some similar calamity and you have to get it off fast?

Thank you. I had thought of adding a rivet, however though it would look untidy and am concerned about the state of the original catch. It’s quite a thick bracelet so I’m not sure how a crimp tubing would work. As it’s sliver, I do not think a screw would last. It is rather battered looking and I have to clean it up properly before I do anything to it. I don’t think there is a crack, just dirt in a scratcher mark, however I will have a closer look once it’s clean before I do anything to it. I have already had a discussion regarding the possible need to take it off. As it was his mothers, he wants to keep it on forever.

You could also find someone with a laser or pulse arc welder…Rob