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A few question about Orchid, replying by email, etc

I haven’t gotten one response about going to Australia. I know the new site is efficient but old timers like me get confused. We used to be able to see all the posts so I didn’t have to look elsewhere. I know I am whining……Could you post my question so others can see it easily?

Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal

I don’t read everything but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have the option to choose. I have had a faint inkling that I have not been getting all the emails, so do I understand correctly that someone somewhere is deciding for me what I am interested in ?

Jerry in Kodiak

Hi Esta

I saw your first post re a trip to Australia but as I am quite a
distance from where your itinerary showed I did not reply. I am
located at Noosa Heads in south east Queensland and Australia is a big
continent. If there is any way I can help you email me direct.

Regards Eric


Maybe consider changing the name of this thread, or perhaps just start a new thread and be sure the name of your thread reveals what the thread is about. The name of this thread is “Re: [Ganoksin Orchid] Summary for December 15”. It’s remarkable that anyone would be interested in reading a post with that title.

I suspect you created this thread with an email, as a response to an email you received, thus the title of this thread is the same title as the email to which you responded. But you didn’t really want to respond to an email. You wanted to create a new thread with your post.

Our new website works better if you actually login to the website to post. Ever since Seth started this new version of our website, he has discouraged the use of emails. It seems like the new website and emails are not friendly co-workers.

@shiftingmetal it looks like you replied to our daily summary email which doesn’t work. Here’s a writeup I just did that will help explain how to interact with Orchid.

@jholtak to answer your question, we don’t really control what people do and don’t see. If you choose the daily summary email or to receive every post as an individual email, then you see everything. However, if you receive our weekly activity summary emails, then you only see the most popular posts of the week.

Well, receiving every post as an individual email does not mean that you actually get every post.

I used to receive every post, but during the past two months I have not received every post.

I thought maybe it could be because the poster had muted me even though it didn’t seem logical that I wouldn’t receive their posts. But when I never received a few of my own posts by email, then I knew for certain there is something else amiss.

Thanks. This is a test to see if only you get this message or if everyone does.

I think I am now getting more confused with more information. I have thought I was sometimes replying to an individual post and sometimes to the group. I just clicked on Eric’s id? in blue and got a list of all his posts over the years but not the one about Australia.

Let me reiterate what I think I now know. If I want to comment on a particular post I go to

There I saw "reply” to all the posters. I hit reply to Eric and this is what I got after I sent the message:

I didn’t know I just created a topic??? Why would I bookmark/share/flag/etc? what do all those choices do for me? I used to just go to the website and look up the topic.

I am complaining like an old person who doesn’t want new technology but my prior career was installing voice and data systems so I am not a technophobe. I retired 15 years ago to pursue jewelry making which I found packed with knowledge but linear in process. I have not continued to grown up with the multidirectional nature of the web. Does that make sense?

So I am in the old world thinking in email terms and Seth’s thinking in website terms?

Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal

Im pretty sure everyone is getting it.

Everyone or at least me

If this was addressed to me… got it.

Jerry in Kodiak


You are learning how to use new software, and just need to invest time in using the website. But if you don’t continue to use what you learned, you might forget it.

I’ll try to answer some of your questions:

  • In post number 6 of this thread, you posted a test, asking if everyone got the message. Yes, that message was public.

  • To reply to (or get the attention of) a specific person, one way to do that is to include the symbol @ and their name in your post. Then they will get a notification that you mentioned their name in your post.

  • To speak with someone privately (off the public forum), send a PM (private message). One way to access our private message system is to click on their avatar or your avatar.

  • You did create this topic (ie: started this thread), because the first post in this thread is yours.

  • You would bookmark a post or thread if you wanted to quickly refer to it again. If you explore your personal pages by clicking on your avatar, you will eventually find a list of your bookmarks.

  • You might want to share a post or thread if you were using social media.

  • You would flag a post if you think a post is not appropriate for this forum.

  • You can still go to the website and look up the topic or the title of the thread in the archives.

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Thank you betty, this actually helped me out too,

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