A Clever Adjustable ring shank?

Hi All,

I have seen the adjustable shanks in Rio and Stuller and have even
written to one…perhaps Finger fit, with no reply, even though
their website states they do custom jobs…mmmmmmmmmm.

The adjustable shank I saw opened and was smooth on the botton of
the ring…no buckle bulging out. The simple mechanism was inside
the shank and it opened when the customer pulled up on her solitaire
diamond. It reminded me of the kind of closure one would see on a
hollow bangle bracelet, except that it didn’t open all the
way…just enough to enlarge the size to get on and off. This one
was no lightweight either and it was a tight fit and worked great.
Her ring was yellow gold and the device, when opened, was white gold
I believe.

Anyone ever see such a device?

Thanks to everyone who replied about the ring shanks thus far.

Mary Ann Archer

Mary Ann,

You may have ben looking at a Finger Mate shank. They have been
around for quite a while and I think they are one of the best choices
in an ajustable shank on the market. Check it out at

Mary Ann Archer

Mary Ann,

The shank you describe sounds like the one made by Finger Mate. We
have used most of the options in the market and we feel the Finger
Mate is the best. The mechanism is, as you described, completely
encased inside the shank. They make them in many widths and several
different metals. They are located in Hallandale, Florida.
888-458-2700. The inventor of the shank just pasted away and this
might explain them not getting back to you. I have to warn you that
they are one of the quirkiest companies to deal with. Their product
is excellent but somewhat difficult to install. We do install them
but, if time allows, I prefer to send the ring to them for the work.
If they do the work you have less trouble with the warranty. You can
request, for a fee, a sample ring.

David Gardner

What you describe is the Fingermate… Hallandale Beach, FL. I
posted some thoughts on it under another thread about adjustable