4th Spinal Surgery

This coming Thursday, I’m having my 4th surgery on my lower back.
In lieu of this, my blog “posting of essays” will be temporarily put on hold. The tutorial-essay writing needs much concentration. During the last few days my pain level has skyrocketed to 60/10.
As our own “ringdoctor”, we have both endured some tough days.
“But alas, this too shall pass”. I’m preparing to write 3-4 essays in the next few weeks.
My time at home will be in preparation for more writing.
I’d like to have my “Orchid friends“ send me some ideas that they would like me to write on.
Our own Taf Shaefer and I, are working together to write some fantastic essays.
My fondest regards to everyone.
Gerry Lewy


Good luck to you!

Good luck, my sympathies. Surgery is never fun.

Gerry…Good luck…Rob

Hi Gerry,

I wish you a successful surgery and comfortable recovery

Regarding suggestions for essay topics, someone posted a few days ago, asking for books on instruction to learn how to cut “azure”…perhaps this would be a topic for your essays (i am not sure if you have already covered this in your extensive writings, so I mentioned it here).


Good luck!

Good luck.
My girlfriend had spinal surgery a few years back. Back pain like what you are dealing with is far worse than foot pain

Hi, “Ringdoctor”, Noralie, Wldlzrd, Adrianne, PatriciaP, Rob Meixner. => (Have I missed anyone?) and all of my great and loving friends.
My problem is not an easy thing to deal with. My situation is diagnosed as “Degenerative Bone Disease”. The pain level is about *60 *____10 on my"fun score". Heck if ‘we’ can’t joke in midst of all of this stuff, what’s the use?
Am I anxious about this trip to the OR? Just watch me drive like a “bat out of a cave”, I might just get a “speeding ticket”.
Regards to everyone and see ya all soon!:ring::heart_eyes::gem::kiss:

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Good luck and heal quickly! You are an invaluable asset and brain trust for our community! :hugs:

Hi “Rydrenne” (Dianne) and again, everyone!
I’m so embarrassed & humbled at your name that you’ve given me. All I’m trying to do is to enlighten many of the readers of what Diamond Setting is all about. To some of you, Diamond Setting is like “Terra Incognito” aka “Unknown land”. I’m just attempting to make this Art & Craft an easier process. This craft should not be kept in the dark, or even avoided. YES, some folks avoided putting stones into their own jewellery, it’s because they don’t know how to set some stones.
I used to work as a Diamond Setter for the largest jewellery company in Canada. I overheard the owner tell his son the following words. “Marvin, get Diamonds into everything that you are making!” Those few words have been etched into my little brain. From that day, that company increased in popularity all because of that one sentence.
So should you, no matter what you are making, get diamonds into EVERYTHING. This (little) blog will greatly assist you!!
Actually, I am so truly humbled and I’ll do my very best in the many years G-d will give me.
To my Jewish Friends, "Chag Somayach & have a Happy Passover Holiday!
Regards, Gerry!


My prayers are with you Gerry. Be well, and hopefully as painless a respite from us as you can have. Surgery sucks, no way about it.


Gerry, here’s hoping for successful surgery and elimination of pain. Your generous sharing of knowledge and skill is so valuable. May you have many painfree years before you. Judy in Kansas

Good Luck chaver Gerry! Ellen Lyons

Best wishes for a very speedy recovery

Good luck on your surgery Gerry. Wishing you the best!

Skill to your surgeon’s hands and best wishes for relief from your pain. Many thanks for your time and willingness to share!

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hi Gerry, I truly empathize because I’m in a similar situation. The simple act of breathing reinforces just how interconnected all of our bits and pieces really are, rather like the connections in a fine piece of jewelry. I’m rooting for you!
Alaska Silver

I always enjoy seeing the generosity of your contributions on this site. You are now sharing with us your gifts of humor and hope as you write about your surgery. Thank you. Your attitude is beautiful and much appreciated.

Thanks for Yiddeshah word among “all of the others” here. It’s a tough ride, I might be back home (?) weeks but I will go for rehab first.

“Gerry, on my busy iPhone”