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[4Sale] Used ModelMaster CNC Mill 1000

I have a used CNC 1000 by model master for sale. In San Diego, CA.

4 axis mill with NSK spindle,. I had the mill upgraded this year by
Modelmaster to add limit switches and do a tuneup and calibration.

$10,000 obo

Excellent condition

Please contact me if you have any questions at @David_Armstrong1
or 619-298-5655


Hi David,

I read about your mill for sale on Orchid.

May I ask why you are selling it? Have you moved up to a better
mill, or are you using stereolithography or some such instead? I’m
very inerested in using CNC to create jewled pieces a la Faberge, but
I’m still not sure which way to go. I’ve seen a Benchmaster mill for
sale at a much lower price, but I suspect it is not as precise as the
Model Master for fine jewelry. I’d love to hear from you about your

Kind regards,
Larry Heyda

Hi Larry,

I have recently moved up to a larger milling machine. I do use STL
builders from time to time but I mill about 95% of the projects that
I produce. Milling is just my speed and the stl stuff us just too
slow for me.

As far as benchmaster goes I can’t give you any advice because I’ve
never used it (or heard of it). All I can say is that as in
everything in life, you get what you pay for. The tolerances and
speed of the modelmaster are very good. It’s a great machine to
learn on and is very capable of taking you where you want to go.