3/8, 7/16 or 1/2 earring post size

I just ordered some 3/8 length earring posts to solder. Now, as I
hold them in my hand, they seem so tiny. But the 3/8 seems to be the
standard length. Does anyone who solders earring post have a
preference to a certain length.


I use 10mm posts; 3/8" is 9.525mm.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Ceah- I never buy earring posts unless I’m using the special locking
ear nuts that require special posts.

I just draw my wire to.8 mm and solder that on and cut to the proper
length for the customers ears. I then notch the posts with my double
round pliers. I gently squeeze the pliers where I want my notch and
spin the post in my hands as I squeeze.

We do mostly custom work and I like to make my posts to fit the
customer’s ear lobe thickness and to notch them where they will fit
just right. Our clients like the extra service and attention to

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


My goodness, make your own! I use 20 ga wire and can cut the length
that I need!

Rose Marie Christison

Does anyone who solders earring post have a preference to a certain

I make my own and always make them 1 cm long.


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I always make my own. If the earring stud is to be worn with a
jacket, I make them extra long. They are certainly easy enough to
make. I use 20 gauge wire.


Thank you Jo, this works like a charm, and much nicer than filing. Great little bench tip.



I size the diameter of my post to the hole in a nut that I like. My posts are .034" in diameter, obviously the hole in the nut is a bit larger. By closely reading the catalogs you can figure this all out. I pull my post material from wire via my draw plate and draw bench. I then cut the post material a little over 1" long for a pair of earrings. Actually this is the width of my ring clamp because that is how I hold them to polish the earrings. I solder one end of the material to one earring and the other end to another earring. You now have this dumb bell shaped affair with an earring on both ends and a long piece of post material between. This makes it a lot easier to hold on to when you polish them or look for them in the tumbler. Before you cut the post material to whatever length you want, twist the hell out of it to harden it and make sure that the solder joint is good. Straighten the post, finish the end and you are good to go. You now can make your own posts in whatever diameter and length you want. Good luck…Rob


I forgot to mention using your round nosed pliers to create little dents towards the end of the post. This gives you a place for the wings on the earring nuts to land and hold the nut in place…Rob

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You’re welcome. It’s one of my favorite tricks.

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Excellent tip, Jo!
The best part about your technique is that you are actually forming the notch/dent where the metal been compressed. Such a notch is superior to a notch that has been cut or sawed since it is mechanically stronger.

thats what i would do. i dont craft my own wire since resources are
limited. but i have enough on hand to craft as needed. and i agree,
the round nose pliers work like a charm.