2024 Eclipse

We live in Central NY where the eclipse on Monday will be total. We are apparently going nuts. School has been cancelled. Businesses, malls and stores are closing to let employees go outside. Hotel rooms are going for $1,000 for Sunday night. The police are expecting large traffic jams. And I am sure that the bars will be hopping. We will stay on our porch and, as the time draws near, put on our glasses and walk out into the yard with the hopes that our weather doesn’t include clouds. That is asking a lot of our spring weather, but they say that we have a chance of seeing it. My question is, has anyone made any eclipse themed jewelry? I have made a few scratches, but nothing has come to fruition. Thanks…Rob



I’ll also be in totally in Vermont. I’ve thought about Keum Boo but haven’t made any.


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For me, the urge will quickly pass by…Rob

Yes, in about 3 1/3 minutes!

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Things were similar here in Indiana but it was really just a normal day. I made some “eclipse” style pieces for the market I did over the weekend but the show wasn’t as fruitful as I had hoped. The eclipse was absolutely stunning though! I can’t upload the photos but you can see them on my IG @netcreativedesigns

We had a clear day yesterday and will have the same tomorrow. Today was overcast and we just saw a glimpse of the sun and moon a couple of times. Getting dark enough to turn on the street lights in the middle of the day was cool…Rob