2004 SoCal Dinner In Ontario, Ca?

My thanks to Brad Smith who manned the Orchid booth at Kraftwerks.
Orchid is a fine addition to our cosponsors. Brad and I discussed the
So Cal Dinner. Brad and Beth did a great job last year and of course
we at PMWest only step up as they kindly stepped back from another
this year.

I got this idea. There I stood in front of two large BBQ grills, a
large refrigerator, chairs, tables, the works. In short everything we
need to do a dinner at our gold refinery in Ontario, California.

If there is enough interest in general, we would set up something
like this with dates to be determined later… Of course we would
not conflict with the craft show in Santa Monica.

I’m wondering would the membership be interested in such a tour and
dinner location about 40 miles east of Los Angeles?

A refinery and production facility tour, followed by drinks and a
BBQ. Then some orchid event like an auction or what have you.

Those interested in attending or volunteering please post a note. If
I feel confident in enough interest we will commit.

Best regards,
Daniel Ballard

I for one would be interested in a So-Cal Orchid get together and for
those of us in San Diego, Ontario is closer and easier than Los
Angeles. I would also be happy to help in any way I could.

Sheridan Reed

Dan, Please count me in. I will assist in any way possible.

A few of San Diego people may also attend, I can start at least one

I am so very happy you may get this ball rolling. I know when Orchid
members have a chance to meet one another, many positives for the
list occur.

Thank you very much.
P.S. A chance to visit a refinery is a Win-Win situation.

You already have my verbal commitment. Here it is in writing. Or, in
electrons making phosphors on your CRT. I wanna be badge #1. love, me

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Yes, please, count me in! I am metalsmithing student and avid Orchid
lurker. A refinery tour AND socializing with kindred Orchidians!?
Let me know how I might help.

Thank you, Mr. Ballard,

Count me in, of course, Daniel!


Okay, I am new to southern Cal and just where is Ontario from LA? I
know that when I am at LAX and my puddle jumper to Oxnard can’t take
off due to fog they want to take me to Ontario.

I would love to attend an Orchid dinner. So, how long will it take
me to get there from Ventura? Or is there someplace closer?

Jennifer Friedman, goldsmith, enamellist, hollware (does that input
on the definition list?)

Ventura, CA

An Orchid dinner is just the thing I’d love to go to! Please let me
know more details when and where and what! How far is it from the Bay
Area? Are there other interested Orchidians in and around Palo Alto
with whom I could carpool?

Edith Schneider Jewelry
P.O.Box 52001
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 813 9755


For others who may not know California geography-

Ontario (Fine Gold) is 43 miles east of Los Angeles via either the
10 or 60 highways. From Ventura, or other parts North- Use interstate
5 south to either interstate 10 east (towards San Bernardino/Palm
Springs) to the Euclid off ramp in Ontario.

Daniel Ballard

Jennifer, just do a mapquest.com search and it will give you the
route, milage and approximate time.

I’m 15 minutes from you in Carpinteria (toward Santa Barbara) and I
think I can get there, traffic willing, in two hours.


One more thing about the SoCal dinner

If we figure out dates etc, the dinner will be held at “Fine Gold”
the factory for PMWest and home of Kraftwerks

Maps to the factory can be found at the Kraftwerks website

Daniel Ballard