14k Yellow Gold % for casting?

Due to covid my caster has closed and I have orders that still need to be filled. I recently had my CAD designer from Slovenia print the files that she designed for me in order to print and cast for me until my caster in New York resumes business.

The first casting in 14k yellow came out a pale yellow so I went to Carrera Casting’s website and found a formula for 14k Yellow and then the ring came out too rose. Their formula showed: 58.50% gold 5% silver 31.25% Copper 5.25% Zinc.

I’ll need to have them recast for me again but what formula works for those that do there own mixing of metals for casting? I can’t find any other formulas online to give her so I’m hoping someone can share their mix so I can have them cast my ring again. :frowning:

Hey Lychee11

Pretty hard to know what specific colour your looking for!

I would assumme turn the silver a bit up, and copper down if you got it too rose?

I started a thread at some point with similar traits, maybe some of the things can help.

Best regards William


Great chart - thanks!

I’ll hand this over to my caster in Slovenia to see if he can use this. Thank you. :slight_smile: