14k bail with 18k pendant

I have very limited experience with gold, so please excuse what may be an obvious question. I have a pendant which I fabricated from 18k yellow gold. The bail is going to be a bow-tie shaped piece but I am unable to make a piece wide enough from my leftover 18K pieces. I have some 14K stock from which I could make this. If I do, will the bail obviously stand out as being different? If so, I will probably melt and recast the leftover 18K to get the proper width.

Thank you to the two people who replied privately! Perhaps this was too simplistic of a question to warrant a public reply? If so, my apologies.
I did use the 14K gold for the bail and it appears just fine with the 18K pendant. The bail is a swivel for the pendant so maybe there is enough separation that the carat difference doesn’t show. The piece is a gift for a friend, so no need for any ID of carat.