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Zoom symposium on the future of craft


I went to this conference this past weekend and am blogging about
it. I have three posts up and am working on more.

You could just go here:

and read the top post and then scroll down. So far I’ve shared some
pictures of work in the exhibitions, giving an intro./overview and
assessed the status of high tech jewelry!

More to come,


Responses to Zoom: The Future of Craft Symposium

I attended this conference this past weekend and it was terrific.
I’ve been blogging about it since I got back and have six posts up
(so far).

The introduction is here:

Next up, I talked about some of the exhibitions:

and the workshop where we made voodoo dolls where the eyes light up
when you stab it:

The State of High Tech Jewelry:

This post has two videos, shown to us by Linda Hughes:

And finally, What Are We Afraid of? (The Future of Craft)

That last one is a 1000 word post with memes even! Would love to
have a conversation about the ideas raised at the symposium!