Zinc for casting - Where?

Hey guys.

Im currently working with gold where i alloy my own 14 karat from fine gold…

@Shanaithal made me aware that i missed Zinc in my Gold / silver / copper equation, due to following reasons:

  • (1) It’s a deoxidizer to protect the copper from getting oxidized during the melting and
  • (2) forms a smoother casting surface.
  • (3) Affects lowest permissible temperature, where Zinc will help further reduce the starting starting melt temperature.
    Zinc addition will further reduce the starting starting melt temperature.
  • (4) Zinc additions significantly alter the yellow color of the 14K gold as well!

However, i am looking for a supplier within EU to sell this, since none of the Danish suppliers have Zinc on their shelves (Only premade alloys, gold, copper & silver), and neither have some of the ones abroad (UK) i usually shop at…

When i search online i get flooded with health supplements & plumbing materials.

Anyone know where to look for pure Zinc for casting within EU?

Best regards William

You might try a ornamental metals materials supplier, welding supplier or company that does spray or dip galvanizing. They might be able to point you in the right direction or supply your need. Zinc rods are available for spot patching of galvanized coatings. An area that has been welded will lose its galvanized coating. That area is heated to the lowest temperature possible and the zinc rod melts a fresh protective cover like butter. It’s akin to soldering, but in a larger scale. Generally, zinc used in dip galvanizing has a low level of lead in it. That gives the signature broad crystal scale pattern found on water buckets and other galvanized items.

A serious caveat to be aware of ~ fumes cause neurological damage. A specialty welder friend passed from a.m undiagnosed neurological disease. I always figured it was toxic metal exposures. Everytime I use any alloy with zinc content I am more than religious about catching and eliminating fume exposures. Sometimes i make my own pinchbeck alloy - it has a great color. I doctor a brass alloy that has too much zinc, adding Cu to get the correct formula.

Also when doing additional fabrication, the melting point of zinc is 400. It can boil away and vaporize from your alloy.

US pennies are now zinc sandwiches with copper bread slices on each side. We have not a gold, nor silver but a zinc currency standard for circulated coinage LOL.


Hi Bill,
Its Ted here in Dorset UK.
Where are you?
Mail me off list at
Ive pure zing here and can help you. Also advise you where you can get it cheaply.

Hi William,
Just wanted to let you know that Stuller recently opened an European office in Barcelona to offer all products. At the moment we are shipping out from US, so you can reach out to our team in Barcelona. Contact Xavier Rofes at +34 722 687 266

Of course, let us know your contact info so we can reach out to you.

im in NZ I bought from Amazon USA and they shipped it to me with 2 weeks.

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Thanks for your reply.
Here in the UK, ( as you may know were leaving the EU) there are a
lot of roofing co’s who are using pure zinc sheet rolled into a
roofing profile , flat for 2 sections with a standing folded seam at
each side with 2 more in the width.
This zinc is 99% pure andc made in Germany.
The roofing co near here had a school to roof and I was able to
get 8ft by 4 ft off cut to make up a shepheards sink to go in his
Cost is really cheap!! . I could send you say a 8in by4in off cut
if youd pay the postage.
Let meknow if you need me assuming you cant get the zinc from a
roofing co.
Let me know how you get on.
I dont reply direct to the forum asv I was abused by folks there.
Still annoyed with the Boston tea party!.

Hey Eileen!

Thanks for above, much appreciated! Sorry to hear about your friend, will be taking elemination of fumes very seriously!

Hey Vladimir, Not too sure who you’re reffering to as “Bill & Ted” hehe?

Will pop you a private message


Hey Shan.

Sounds good, will try get in touch with Xavier!

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