Zhan Expo

To all the folks in the Fla. area:

I just received a mailing concerning a Dental expo in Stuart,
Florida, happening on 10/31 and 11/1 at Marriots Indian River
Plantation. The dental seminars are not cogent here, but the
expo also features Mfgrs. demos of many products that are common
to both jewelry and dental technology, besides Zahn Dental is my
major supply house and you will be able to get a catalog and
probably show prices there. The main hall where the Mfgrs. will
set-up is free to attendees. Many of the exhibitors will be
there that make many of the products we both use. It will
probably be glitzy with special show pricing(for real) and free
! I think it would be worth the time. If anyone goes
please let us know how it was.



                              Skip Meister
                            NRA Endowment and

Hi Skip,

Thank you for the info. I am in Pt. St. Lucie about 5 miles
north of the Stuart location and will try to make the show. It’s
going to depend on their hours, because I have a show myself in
West Palm Beach that weekend.

If I can whizz through on my way south and pick up info, I will
be happy to post to list.


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