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ZAM and Fabulustre

Hi Charles, Back till about 7 years ago majority of the jewelry
tools supply shops carried the Fabulustre, as it was then considered
one of the best polishing agent; but now, one hardly see it on any
shelf. The Japanese found out that they had much better products
made locally and all the jewelers I know have switched. Only trouble
is that there are too many varieties, each for a specific metal, made
by too many makers. Funny thing, is that they’re all good. Majority
of them will give you an excellent polish on silver, gold and
platinum with just one polishing agent. The Japanese abrasive
compound are also better than the Tripoli or Bobbing compound that
are used in the USA. Aside from Romanoff International (don’t know
their address), don’t rightly know who all carries it in the States,
haven’t seen it in Rio’s. ZAM is used here strictly to polish soft
stones;e.g. azurite, turquoise, malachite, etc. Min in Tokyo

Gesswein was the first to import these Japanese compounds. They are
indeed excellent compounds. We advertise them for platinum but many
of our customers are telling us they use them for gold as well. Best

Elaine Corwin
255 Hancock Ave.
Bridgeport CT 06605 USA

Fax: 203-335-0300

Howdy All, I’ve been lurking and learning for a couple of months.
Thanks for the liberal education. Regarding the discussion on Zam and
Fabulustre - I’ve got them both and like Zam better on sterling. The
final polish has fewer scratches visible with the naked eye and
somehow seems deeper and brighter. I use it all the time and recommend
it. I haven’t developed the courage to try them on gold yet probably
because I don’t do much in gold these days. Yes I’ve also got two
kinds of tripoli and rouge but don’t use them often. If anybody else
knows of a “better” polish (something about the eye of the beholder)
then I’d love to hear about it. The Purple Wizard (Scott)