Yuliya Chorna - Jewelry Gallery

Yuliya Chorna Jewellery
Toronto, Canada

Yuliya Chorna is a Toronto based jewellery designer and maker. Born and raised in western Ukraine her interest in fine arts and crafts grew into passion.
After moving to Canada Yuliya further pursued her career in Toronto recieving her advanced Jewellery Arts diploma from George Brown College.

Her work has evolved through years of experimentation and process driven practice. It is characterized by the clean finish, asymmetrical balance and sometimes bold but elegant looks.
Yuliya finds her inspiration in nature and everyday objects. Her jewellery reflects her focus on form and shape with a playful element of colour.

Materials: Sterling silver, brass, patina

Cast, fabricated

Photo credit: Paul Ambtman, Digital by Design

“Blue Moon” earrings

Materials: Brass, copper, sterling silver

Hand formed, synclastic and fold forming

Photo credit: Paul Ambtman, Digital by Design

Stackable herkimer & amethyst rings

Materials: Brass, silver, raw herkimer diamonds, amethyst

Hand carved settings, cast, fabricated

Photo credit: Yuliya Chorna