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[YouTube] Photo etching with Puretch Photopolymer

Hello and Happy New Year,

For those of you interested in photo etching metal, please check out
my latest youtube videos on Puretch Photopolymer lamination,
exposure and development. I am a printmaker and sell this mostly for
etching copper with ferric chloride for printing or circuit boards
but have many customers who use it for etching jewelry. It is easy to
use and has great image fidelity, especially for very fine detail. I
have recently added how to do this with low tech and inexpensive
equipment. Enjoy,

Puretch Lamination and NuArc ExposuRe:

Exposure with SpaceBag and 500W Halogen utility light:

Exposure with SpaceBag and Sun:

Full length instructions text:

Solar instructions text:

Jennifer Page

Jennifer, Your Puretch Lamination demo’s are excellent, as are your
written instructions. If I understood it correctly, your system uses
injet instead of laser printers or copiers for the resist. If that
is the case, many who have had problems finding laser photocopiers
will find your sysemt of great interest. Thanks for introducing us to
this wonderfulnew way of photo etching.

Alma Rands

Hi Jennifer,

Looks like a great product! Have you tried using it with nitric acid?
I have been able to use pnp paper with nitric for limited amounts of
time and I was wondering if your product may hold up better.


I’m very interested in this, since it seems to involve very little in
the way of toxic chemicals. I seem to be missing part of the process,
however. Is it the Puretch photopolymer that you print the image on?

Janet Kofoed

Is it the Puretch photopolymer that you print the image on? 


And you need a “negative” to expose the photopolymer. She has
instructions on her site on how to do that, or you could use the
negative making system sold by Whole Lotta Whimsey.