[Youtube] Me and my jewelry

Hi all;

My daughter just put together this little you tube of me. Thought
I’d share it with you. It’s a good example of just how full of myself
I can be at times, especially when someone puts a camera on me. But
there are some shots of some of my work, so you can see what kind of
stuff I like to make.

David L. Huffman

Your daughter did a very nice job - as did you. Also nice to connect
a face with a name. Thank you!

Years ago before I ever dreamed I would be designing jewelry, I
taught television production and had a production company. I always
encouraged my students to videotape their family members. Congrats
to the father and daughter who made this one happen and are sharing
it. If someone in your family hasn’t recorded you yet, get it done.
And if you have living parents or other relatives who are special to
you, get those cameras out and preserve the memories. I have two and
a half hours of interview footage of my father and mother which was
shot in the 1970’s. It doesn’t take a studio to do this now. There
are those wonderful little things called portable cameras. Don’t put
it off. Get that video done today! And if you have vintage "tapes"
get them transferred to DVD’s…and soon to chips. Just keep that
data up to date on the latest technology so you and future
generations can continue to watch, enjoy and treasure family

Pat Klein