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[YouTube] BIG metalworker!


This is a you tube video I was sent - guy does huge metal work - and
has a real attitude [grin]

Beth Wicker


Thanks for the best laugh that I’ve had in a while. Love his
attitude… I think we all have a “purple cow” somewhere. This could
be me in a few :-}. peace.

This is a you tube video I was sent - guy does huge metal work -
and has a real attitude [grin] 

yeah, funky and fun, as far as it goes.

But if you actually want to be impressed, with art, with innovation
and quality, and with really monumental sized metal work that will
leave you in awe, wondering just how he gets the self confidence to
commit to projects the likes of what he does, then check out the work
of Albert Paley. THAT’s huge metal work.



Albert Paley has constructed beautiful monumental gates.

Albert Paley has constructed beautiful monumental gates. 

And much more. Free standing sculptural works, amazing fences,
architectural works etc. At his recent presentation at the SNAG
conference, the person introducing him mentioned that he is the
first metal sculptor to receive the coveted Lifetime Achievement
Award from the American Institute of Architects, the AIA?s highest
award to a non-architect. It’s not unusual for his pieces to be
several stories high, and some, I think, weigh in the hundreds of
tons. And yet his original training as a goldsmith and jeweler seems
always apparent in his attention to finish and exacting details. The
pieces, though enormous, can often be viewed aesthetically in quite
the same way as jewelry. Just jewelry for buildings and landscapes
and environmental spaces, rather than people…

Oh, and did I mention that some people think he walks on water?



I was thinking of his gates for a museum in TN when I used the term
monumental. I may be wrong but I think it’s the museum of
blacksmithing. It’s a beautiful piece beyond jewelry to my mind.



Another “big” metalworker is Bob Doster of SC -

I’ve known Bob for years. One of the great things he does is lots of
residencies in schools, involving kids in making big things with

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Great video! What a wonderful man, though I don’t think I’d like to
be his neighbour (or get on his bad side). As for Alex Paley, he has
truly been favoured by the Gods. Certainly no mere mortal could
create such amazing work.

Cristine McC


well I don’t know about him walking on water, But it behooves anyone
and everyone here not to see or catch his jewelry also, although it
may be considered dated by today’s visual values, they are amazing
and ingenious pieces of art. small or huge, his brooches are mind
boggling the way they open and close. we do have the privilege of his
larger works being here in town so I do go visit.I remember listening
to a lecture he gave a few years back at UofA (no gray hair, and I
think a pony tail then) and one of the things that stuck was the fact
that he would get up every morning and exercise for strength, weights
and all, so he could face the challenges of the day in the large
steel format. I thought you would have to be sooo dedicated to your
goal to go through that kind of routine, but then again probably all
that strength training helps him levitate on water.



Hello Beth,

Mr. Liggett is certainly a character - we have some of those here in
Kansas. :wink: The state is considered pretty boring terrain-wise, so
maybe that means the folks are not!!

Judy in Kansas


well in the Big metal Category you have to include Tom Joyce, he was
featured in the vol 29 of Metalsmith, amazing stuff, talk about
large, and an immensely deep and interesting artist.

Hratch Babikian