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Your pieces from last year?

Well, if the choice is between a spirit-destroying, low paying job
on the one hand, and sending old artwork that you’re not thrilled
with - I’d send the artwork. You may end up doing both, but at least
you may create some new opportunities this way. Perhaps you can get a
more positive perspective on your past work.

After all, something about it led you to the ideas that are fresh
and alive for you now. This is a new day, but you’re not completely
newborn as an artist. You have developed - partly through the work
you’ve completed in the past. So it deserves some honor for this.

You might find it interesting to try some empathic responses to it. I
wrote an article on this in my weblog at

Sometimes this process can lead to a complete shift in perception and

I remember reading the novelist Gail Godwin saying that when a work
in progress started to “die” on her, so she was losing feeling for
it, she could sometimes bring back the spark by writing a rave review
of it as if she were an art critic who loved it. If you can write
freely, letting your pen or keyboard do the work with you just
watching, this might also bring back the spark for your past work.

In a way, our relationship with work is very similar to
relationships with other people. Sometimes that flame of attraction
seems to die. Then loyalty and dogged desire to understand, can often
spark the flame again.

In any event, best wishes.

Catherine Jo Morgan
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