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Your best metals source?

Hi there. My name is Angela. I’m heading up the development of OSU’s
craft center metals dept… I’m usually resourceful and all that, but
I’m bumping into raw material sourcing issues. As we are a state
program, not to mention an arts one, our budget is… well…
workable but far from extravagant. No surprise, I’m just thankful
for what we have. I want to stock our raw materials but Rio is
sortof spendy as we have yet to get a rolling mill, shear, etcetc.
Heh, my best buys so far have been the Findingking and RonsRocks on
Ebay. Do an of you have a good price source for copper/brass/silver
sheet etc? I’ve a great deal on 22g. copper sheet, 12"x10’ for 26$
with 15$ or so for shipping. That’s fabulous. But sourcing the
crafty type 36g. copper foil or thicker stock or any other metal has
been rather slow. Craft stores are the most promising for foil but
their prices make me gag. Ok, I ramble. More sleep, less tea. Sorry.
LSS, what’s your best metals source? Thanks, Angela

I have a couple for you try, or or this one

hope this helps you

Hi Angela,

try Alaskan copper - they’re actually out of Portland. They have
been great to work with even when I was ordering very small
quantities of copper sheet. within Oregon - 1-800-452-5736

good luck,
creating what you want in platinum, gold and silver

Try Hauser & Miller in St. Louis, Missouri for the silver.
Wonderful people and great service.


Look for your closest metals scrap yard and check out what is
available there. I’ve seen brass and copper sheet as well as rolls
of thin gauge copper. All sold cheaply by the pound - beats
suppliers’ prices. Substitute your gas and time for the shipping

I think you’ll still need to purchase your silver stock from a
supplier. Prices are probably best closer to the refiner but the
minimum purchase will be higher. Given the current prices it might
not be wise to stockpile more silver than you’ll use soon.

Pam Chott

OSU’s quite a distance from where I went to grad school (Cleveland),
but I do remember there was a great metals processing plant on the
west side of Cleveburg that would let me scrounge from their scrap
bins at reduced prices. If you’re willing to go pick the stuff out
and bring it back, something like that could be a useful source of
copper, bronze, brass, and other base metals. Also - if there is a
local scrap yard, you may be able to find some things you want and
pay only what they are worth to the dealer as scrap. Of course,
you’re not likely to find much sheet sterling that way …

Good luck.

I have gotten light weight copper sheet scraps (22gage or
thereabouts) from a local roofing company. They are sold it by the
pound to me. It’s used as flashing on some roofs.

Marilyn Smith


Unique Solutions Inc. carries the copper foil in 36 Ga. that costs
$12.00 plus shipping for a 5 x 12 rolled sheet. Shipping starts at
6.00 for the first and then goes by weight shipped via post office.
If UPS will be less, we can ship that way on a larger order. If
you are interested in a lot of packages, then please let me know I
will discuss different sizes and special pricing. We only carry
this gauge as it is used for metal corrugation work and this seems
be the focus of the people who purchase this item.

Beth Katz
Unique Solutions, Inc.
Paste and powder solder for jewelers and metalsmiths

If scraps won’t do, Home Depot will sell you 22 gauge roofing copper
in 1 foot widths and any length you’d like for about $2 a square

HI Angela -

Here’s a good source for copper -

McMurray Metals - TX 800-658-5655

.010" - coil only 12" wide  Cost / # = $3.50 -  $.46/sqft
.016" in 24"  Cost / # = $3.50       $.75/ sqft , 

min order = $20.00
under 40-50# - UPS
usually ship same day - order before 3