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Young jewelers need tools

Hello everybody! If you live near Montreal (Quebec) and you have some
used but functional tools you would like to sell, contact us. We are
a couple who just got out of jewelry school and are currently
building our workshop. What we need are some basic tools and more
specialized tools like solder kits, laminating tools, etc. Hope to
have some news… Ben & Dominique.

Ben& Dominique, Contact me directly(e-mail) as I have a vacuum
caster, centrifugal caster and 25 amp plater, among other things . I
need the room! Thomas

Hi guys(?)

Like you I’m putting together a workshop - not my first though. I’m
keeping a running commentary about suppliers and problems at You might find it useful. Cheap tools are almost
a thing of the past but some suppliers are really helpful. I can
recommend that you contact Tevil at Allcraft in NY. He’s really
helpful, knows the products well and has saved me a lot of money.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone