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Yellow gold

Hi ,

I recently soldering my friends 9ct yellow gold chain back together again. I then pickled it and the part where I heated seems to have gone quite silvery whereas the rest of the chain is yellow gold. Do you know how I can restore it too it’s yellow colour matching the rest of the chain please

This is one for the metallurgists among us. 9 K only has 37.5% gold in it, the rest is other stuff some of which might cause what you are describing. Are you sure that you didn’t use silver solder? Lets see what others have to say…Rob

Hi I defiantly used gold solder, it’s around the solder join and the part which was heated it just seems discoloured now


Is it possible that the chain was gold plated, or gold filled…I was asked to repair my dear friend’s father’s class ring…replace the center stone…the bezel was hard and springy…she told me it was gold…when i heated it up, to my horror, it went “pale”…silvery, almost imperceptibly tinged with yellow…

i ended up dipping it in liver of sulphur and burnished with a brass brush and soapy water…thank goodness her father loved it!


How did it turn out when you put it in liver sulfur ? I don’t think it’s plated but I am concerned about how this has turned out

well, it was no longer 14k hold colored, but it did not look “silver” bright” either…it was moderately shiny from the brass brush, and retained a “warmer” patina…the liver of sulphur was very light…it was just to give definition to the signet embossing, and to sort of age it…warm it up a bit…kinda like 14k white gold with no plating…

in my case, the whole piece lost its color…


It does sound like the chain was gold plated. You could try lightly brass brushing it, but it might have to be re-gold plated