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Year Two at Metalwerx

I am happy to announce that Metalwerx has hit our second anniversary.
Two years ago we offered 4 classes. Two weekly jewelry classes and
two weekend workshops. We have grown so much that we now have five
active regular jewelry classes and 10 of 12 workshops are running.
Our free monthly lecture series has been a huge hit. We are now at
the point of hiring a part time employee and both Jennifer and I took
home something we never thought possible: paychecks!

There were many people who thought that this couldn’t be done. There
were those who thought that you can’t make a living doing what you
love. I am happy to have proven the opposite. Not only has our
business thrived, with more and more people learning about jewelry
making, but I have learned more about myself and my abilities. My
confidence has grown, but most importantly, my art has grown.

Thank you all for your support, feedback and hospitality. I have
traveled to Hawaii to meet friends of Orchid and am planning a trip to
the UK to meet more.

I hope to see some of you in Tucson (I’ll be there from Feb 1-5) and
at SNAG.

Feeling blessed,


Hey Karen, Thanks for the awesome news, I am truely inspired by your
success, and also interested in your classes, please give me some more
info on what your teaching in 2001. Thanks and Keep Up the Good work, Linda S.