YAK Ward's Case

Hi Ahmed,

    what is your opinion 1 . Should the father sue the doctors
for US $ 58,000 ( for delivering the baby 12 years ago) 2 . Sue
the mother for giving a (thought to be infected ) son 3 . Sue
God for infecting a vires at age 12 (as doctors say) 

If you ask the lawyers, they’ll have a field-day. One will sue
the father for marrying (hopping in the sack with) the mother.
One will sue the mother for not taking her birth control pills
The son’s lawyers will sue mother & father for causing him to be
born. The mother’s lawyer will sue the father for not telling the
son about the birds & the bees & the son for getting cozy with
the cute little red head

The father’s lawyer will claim it was the mother’s responsiblity
to tell the boy about the birds & the bees, after all that was
their pre-nuptual agreement, & the son for getting cozy with the
cute little red head.

Everybody will sue the Drs because they’ve got malpractice

Everybody will sue the medical insurance co. because they didn’t
let the mother & baby stay in the hospital for more than 2 days &
everybody knows

insurance cos. have lots of money.

The cute little red head will sue everybody because it wasn’t
her fault the boy wanted to play Dr.

Nobody will sue God because they don’t know who his insurance co
is & can 'tcollect.

Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?


Hi Gang,

Nina said,

 What may result from Mr. Ward's case could be evocative of
the dilemma of doctors, chemists, and care-givers who are fast
reaching the point of refusing certain cases because of
malpractise suits.<<

On the soap box.

The majority of the litigation for what most of us would consider
‘frivilous’ stuff begain in the late '60’s, easrly ‘70’s’ when
the US changed from a ‘producer’ economy to a ‘service’ economy.
The population wanted a better ‘standard of living’ (more money)
& labor costs rose. Industry(ies) found that the only way to meet
the labor costs was to produce more pieces per hour of labor. As
a result they introduced more automation & reduced the labor
component of most items. That reduced the need for mgfng labor.
The mfgrng labor (that was working) now had mor e money & decided
they didn’t need to do some of the things they used to do for
themselves, mow the lawn, cook dinner, just to name a couple of
commo n ones.

Now the people that couldn’t get a factory (production) job had
to find something else to do; cut grass, rake leaves, wait on
tables, flip hamburgers etc. Nobody wanted to pay $15.00+ per
hour for that (you can’ t pass those prices on to the consumer)
so we had the beginning of the ‘service’ economy’ (dead end jobs,
low wages etc). People still wanted th e ‘big bucks’ & bank &
train robbery is frowned upon, lets try the next best thing;
‘SUE THE BASTARD’. Guess what that requires, a lawyer/s!

Now as soon as the lawyer wins his/her case s/he thinks, ‘Hey
what an eas y way to make a buck!’. Now we’re off to the races,
the law school enrollments grow & pretty soon there are more
lawyers in the US than the whole world needs & they’re looking
for someone to SUE.

There’s almost product cost in liability insurance (due to
product liability suits) than there is in developement,
production advertising &


Remember, Will Rogers never met a lawyer.

We (the US) need to get back to a production economy!

Off the soap box.