YAK VERY low-budget steam cleaner

I wonder if it could stand the pressure of being on all day, every
day. Or would you do all your steaming at one time? I know that
steamers are big dollars. I am not sure I would want to work next
to a hissing espresso maker all day. There are tools we improvise
and tools we don't. Remember a steam cleaner is amoung the most
dangerous equipment in your shop.

I have a funny story about my steam cleaner.

My shop isn’t in the best neighborhood and I was working late
(1:00AM) one night. I had my steam cleaner on and, without
warning, the emergency release valve opened. After I came down off
the ceiling, I unplugged the steamer. I haven’t had any more
problems with it but it still scared the H E double toothpicks out
of me.

The use of an espresso (spelling?) maker is interesting. Coffee
shops leave them on all day long without problems. I know they may
be using professional models, but I don’t think the pressure is as
high as jewelry steamers. Imagine steaming your drink with one of
those, there wouldn’t be anything left in the cup.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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