[YAK] Translation program

We do a great deal of business in Mexico, and due to being Spanish
language disabled, it has become a nightmare trying to relate our
concerns to business associates south of the border.

We have used many of the free translation programs on the net but
have found their literal translations inadequate, Google, Free
Translation, etc.

Does anyone know of a good Spanish language translation program that
I can use on my Mac.

Gracias y hasta luego,

Jon Olson
Silver Artisans


I did most of my english learning using free tools like online
translators and i used a lot one names Babylon (www.babylon.com) but
they do not offer that free service anymore they just have a
evaluation copy that run for 30 days and then you have to buy it. It
is good translator not perfect but very good.

Another pay translator that the managers in this company use is
named Power translator 8 (http://www.mediagold.co.uk) this one is
also realy good.

Both software come in diferent versions for home use, pro and
specialist and have special dictionary for specific areas like
Geology, metallurgy, Etc.

As for a free one online i use the one provided by altavista bable
fish (http://world.altavista.com/) that can translate up to 150 words
at the time and to several language, but it is not that good.

I hope this is relevant, and i am glad that I can help.


Alvaro Diaz Codoceo
Santiago, Chile