[YAK] Tornado in Kansas

Hello Orchidland,

Thought I should let you know that last night was twister city right
here! I still haven’t actually SEEN a tornado, but there was at
least one that ripped though our neighborhood. By the grace of God,
our only damage is some broken tree limbs, but many nearby have
nothing left but the foundation. We are without power, and found a
kind friend with freezer space who is storing food for us, so we
really are OK.

Yup, it was quite a scary night, and we’ve been helping family and
neighbors to clear trees, put up temporary covers on broken windows,
and be supportive. I have not heard of any deaths, but it would not
be unusual. The storm warning siren went off in plenty of time for
people to take cover, so perhaps there are no injuries of loss of

Prayers for those who have lost everything are always welcome and I
am thankful that we still have an intact home.

Judy in Kansas, who REALLY, REALLY likes basements

Hey there Judy,

Glad to know you escaped harm’s way. Mother Nature is certainly
giving the Midwest the business right now, eh!? I’m a K-State alum
(horticulture & worked in plant path in Throckmorton) and heard of
the tornado trouble you guys had this week. Am also a native of Cedar
Rapids Iowa and family still lives there, things are REEEEEELY BAD
there too!

Hang in there, Carol in New Orleans who knows a little too much about
storms & water & such and prefers to escape it all with a rock and a
Genie :slight_smile:

Hi Judy -

Glad to hear you are ok. It’s been a lousy summer to be a
midwesterner. We got the tornadoes last week (in SW Iowa) and you
could watch them approaching a few miles outside of town. And then
we got the water, the local Pizza Hut was covered with water as were
all of the county school buses and a few cows :frowning: Luckily most of the
town is on high ground and the water has receded. Hope everyone else
is doing ok!


Judy…you are very lucky. My wife and I used to live in Topeka (I
was stationed at Forbes AFB) back in the 60’s. We had several
tornados while living there…very scary. Much worse than
hurricanes as we have here in FL. Lots of warning for hurrican’s but
not so for tornados. Take care friend.

Cheers, Don in SOFL

Glad to hear you are ok. Those things are a menace. Used to scare
the heck out of me when you heard the alarm. Even if all OK remember
to drink water a lot. With no power therefore no ac or fans, you will
be surprised how much water you loose.