[YAK] The importance of CD back-ups

I had a very rude awakening this early morning. My well known (name
withheld) courier-printer said someone last night shut down their
computer and FORGOT to save everyone’s filesmine included. A complete
computer loss of files. Empty HD. To say the least I had all of my
197 files already on my DVD for my own back up system. I had over
14,500 pictures of jewellery and family all on my hard drive just for
the ‘fun’ of it.

I have spent all afternoon rummaging through my stuff to get another
CD to send over to these guys. Baring a bit of lost time, nothing was
’lost’ thank G-d…imagine the fun! All of my files for Book NumberTwo
were not saved on their machine. All of the individually saved pages
and their exact locations to make a setting book. Nothing through the
likes of my PC was lostmoral of this story.

Back Up Your Files Every Day!!

Everything you make on the PC needs a double back up. Heck with the
costs of CD-DVD’s. When you do save, check each CD-DVD before
deleting your HD. I just saved but the DVD didn’t collect the files.
Will now do the whole process over again,

Gerry Lewy!

Hiya Gerry,

What about a 1 or 2 GB flash drive? Costs about 80 bucks and can
store a hundred cds on it. Aren’t computers fun?