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[YAK] The Animal Rescue Site


Hi Folks,

Many of you are pet owners, and if you’re not, you like animals

Unfortunately human nature (an ugly side)…cruelty, ignorance, and
stupidity has resulted in huge numbers of abused and unwanted

How many, you might think…How about 10 million unwanted and
abandoned animals put to death yearly, in the US alone…

And that’s not talking about the dark side…the abused animals…

You’ve probably seen the news stories…the media scratches the

There’s something you can do to help, and it requires little effort
on your part…a click of the mouse daily…

The Animal Rescue Site has a free program where you merely click on
a button, and revenue is generated to feed and house these critters
in trouble…

The Website is:

Now, folks who know me, know I’m among the most cynical when it
comes to on-line causes or freebie offers…Let’s face it…there
are a lot of shmucks on the Net…

So of course, I ran it past Snopes…there is an entry, verifying
that this is the real deal…The Snopes entry is:

A chance to use the power of the Internet for good…

Gary W. Bourbonais
L’Hermite Aromatique
A.J.P. (GIA)


Nice one Gary

I’ve just starting feeding a beautiful “stray” cat and hoping it will
adopt me. It’s a miniature snow leopard, microchipped so I’ve found
out some of its history and that the owners have “disappeared”. I’m
all for supporting animal rescue sites. We jewellery artists need our
animal companions. They are such a rich source of inspiration and
companionship and who better to talk our nonsense too without
adverse criticism.

Cheers, Renate


I have had this site as a “daily” reminder for a couple years now.
It is such a simple thing to do and helps so many that can not help

Another fun site is They give you a couple fun
questions to answer, one for cats, one for dogs and they donate 10
pieces of kibble each time you answer right or wrong. Interesting
site. This very young girl started it as a project and it has
escalated. She has been on national new stations with her story.