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[YAK] Sweet little story

Ok, here’s my heart felt story…I made a wedding set of really
nice oak leaf patterned bands for a sweet couple and off they went to
be married and off to the Caribbean for a scuba honeymoon and you
guessed it the wife lost her band and was very distraught. Several
weeks ensued and we were in the middle of remaking the band when
another customer of mine whom had just been scuba diving trip with a
group from my town and he had in his hand a ring and asked since it
had my stamp in it might I know to whom it might belong. Well one
phone call later and fifteen minutes later I had a tearful reunion
and hugs for the nice fellow/hero. He had seen it perched on a stem
of coral and it gleamed in the sunlight.

I now warn coulples of the danger of swimming with jewelry on and
probablly tell this story more often then my wife wants to hear. Ron

DANG! Ron! Incredible! What a cool story. Actually, after what I saw
on Maui I kinda’ wondered/hoped, in the back of my mind, if some
Orchidian might have some couple come back in the store and repeat
their Maui experience thereby ‘completing the circle’. Still, you
musta been flabbergasted!

1 Lucky Texan

G’day; I’ll have to join in the fun! It was 1948. We had been
married a couple of years and my wife lost the diamond from her
engagement ring. Now that was a cheap ring; 9carat gold and a very
small diamond. But that was shortly before we had been demobilised
out of HM Forces (me navy, she army) and we had no money. Of course.
I’d had to borrow half the cost of the ring from my father. Anyway
she was distraught at losing the diamond, but we couldn’t afford
another (we had a joint bank account even in those far away days) 5
days later she was sweeping our (single) room and presently the
little rug rat (9 months) was crawling about and siezed on the broom
as a new plaything. But when Jean retrieved it, she saw a sparkle on
the floor; guess what? Yes it was her diamond. She still has it.
When she was first given it, We had gone for a walk and sat by the
Park lake, watching the big moon rising over the shrubs. I fished out
that ring, found and slipped it on the proper finger - just as the
local church decided to have a bell ringing practice. And how’s that
for stage managing? We have been married for 56 years now, and that
rugrat is getting about three times the salary as I was when we
retired. So’s his brother! And we lived happily ever after. – Cheers
for now,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ