[YAK] Sure Fooled me!

Recently was asked to reset a ‘stone’ that was given to a young lady by a
girl-friend. The girl-friends ‘X’ had given it to her recently !!! …
The girl-friends new boy friend didn’t want her to keep it so she gave it
my client …

The stone was in a very poor mounting…not really gold? . . . On
initial inspection, didn’t believe it to be a !/2 cts diamond . . thought
CZ . . . .to goooooood!! perfect half (5.2mm), to my loop …no

Turns out it was Very much a diamond! VV1…

Guess I don’t see the ‘REALLY GOOOD STUFF’ often enough!


Here’s one:

I went to a pawn broker to get some scrap gold. He had some 14k yellow,
and also a 14k white ring with a bunch of clear stones in it. (9 total) I
didn’t really want the white, but had none in stock. It looked rhodium
plated, so I was skeptical if the stones were real. Didn’t see any
inclusions on quick inspection. Offered the owner 200 bucks for the
whole thing it was about 16 grams in weight. Got it home and unset the
stones. checked the gold, yep. 14KW. checked the stones: (2) 1/4 carat
VVS1 e-f-g , (2) .15 VVS1 e-f-g and (5) .10 VVS1 e-f-g I thought I was
getting cubic zirconias. These deals do exist, though rare.