[yak] stuller = microsoft

In my business as a wholesale trade shop they say timing is
everything. The “store” relies on me to provide service as needed
(“I’ll buy it if I can take it with me today”, said the
customer.) so I stock heads, one of every common size for every
common shape, clasps, jump rings, sizing stock,things like that.
But I need the overnight service like stuller offers to keep me
from having to tie up alot more money in findings in order to
keep my dependent store competetive. I know alot of you are
fortunate enough to not have to work under the kind of pressure
of" one hour repairs" and “while U wait” appraisals. It is dog
eat dog in Springfield,MO. If I can’t keep the manager happy
with the fastest, bestest and glad to do it service he wants he
will find someone who will. The customer will accept the next
best thing to now which is tomorrow most all of the time and I
say thank you God for stuller, tools and supplies and all. (
P.S.- I also order from fargotstein, rio grande, swest and J
frank golden on occasion.) thank you for listening to me after
an especially hard day at the bench. Patty