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[yak] Sterling(?) Silver granulation

Hi Nina and attn Milt:While digging for my notes, (which I
haven’t yet found,) I did find a complete article by John
Cogswell in Metals Techniques edited by Tim McCreight. It tells
all about S/S granulation. The only thing I do remember from the
course is that John suggested coating the granules with saliva
helps them adhere to the su

  1. Should I floss and gargle first?
  2. Hey Skip, what do you think?..Is plaque better than hyde glue for
    granulation? 3) Can saliva be used to hold solder in place when welding
    platinum (without risk of contamination)?
  3. Will it solve porosity problems in my castings?
  4. Will silver ions kill the bacteria before the heat does?
  5. Should State Farm be allowed a say on this matter?
  6. Have I missed any current threads?
  7. Glad you are back, John?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography


You’ve got me! I really don’t know. The acidic nature of
saliva along with its somewhat viscous nature may be of help.
The organic nature of its constituents after the liquid is
boiled off may, in fact, somewhat duplicate hide glue.



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and
 Can saliva be used to hold solder in place when welding
platinum (without risk of contamination)? 

hi rick,

ahhhh, a fellow with a sense of humor! to answer your question:
yes, and no contamination! i hear it is best to drink really
cheap beer and smoke cigars the entire night beforehand. this
will render ones saliva extra sticky, but may afffect your
ability to see straight. i don’t think any tool suppliers stock
this item tho.

seriously, saliva does work to hold solder in place for

best regards,

geo fox