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[Yak] Speaking of Crows

CLEARWATER, Florida (Reuters) – A Florida man was reunited with
his $450 gold bracelet this week, 14 days after a crow stole it
from his golf cart and apparently took it for a 35-mile
ride.Frank Landstrom was golfing in Spring Hill, Florida, on
October 16 when a crow swooped from the sky, grabbed his 14-karat
gold bracelet and streaked off.
Later the same day Tom Johnson found a gold bracelet by his car
wheel when he pulled into a supermarket parking lot in
Clearwater, Florida, located two counties away.
Johnson left his phone number with the supermarket manager in
case it was claimed but heard nothing more until Thursday
morning, when his wife read to him from the morning newspaper a
story of a man whose gold bracelet was stolen from a golf cart by
a crow.
“The story was strange enough to begin with,” Johnson told the
St. Petersburg Times newspaper. "But when I realized I had the
bracelet, I thought it was impossible."
Bird experts say crows are capable of flying 35 miles, but not
normally while carrying something in their beaks. One told the
newspaper the original crow might have dropped the braceled, and
another bird might have picked it up and carried it to the
After reading the newspaper article, Johnson phoned Landstrom
and asked him to describe the bracelet and invited him to pick
it up, the newspaper reported.
Landstrom offered a reward, but Johnson refused. “I didn’t want
the money,” he told the newspaper. “I already had a great story
to tell.”

Mike McKim