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[Yak] Slow Postings


Sawadee Khun Hanuman Aspler

I’d just like to say Krap Khun Mak for having such a
wonderful concept as “orchid”.I think we all can understand
how much work this can be …orchid is a huge …worldwide

By the way... my family (i believe) had the first

production casting shop in Thailand(started in 1968).It was
on Silom rd called Eastern Jewels. we sold the business in
1975 when my parents retired down south to Bhuket.
Thailand was a wonderful place to grow up and learn
things.We arrived in Thailand in 1964 while most of
Bangkok was still waterways .Traveling to school by
longtail boat was normal.

One of the things that has helped me so much in my life is
that at that point in time ,Thailand did not have much
technology… It did have a lot of machine shops all over
the place (specialy in Klongtuey area)I spent many weeks
with those machinists having machines built to my
specification… some didn’t work… but many did.It was so
inexpensive back then.I used to spend $ 50. and rent the
whole machine shop for the day with 3 machinists and
design away! We had a shop full of imported casting
machinery and … other than doing all the casting myself
and mold making… i also had to keep the machinery
working when most of the parts were not available ( 3
months wait)!!! Hence the interest in the machine shops.At
that time, I was 13 years old and did all the casting work
for the shop after school.There was no one else in my
family that had a shred of technical knowledge ,they were
more business oriented, and as you know,in Thailand
everyone in the family has to do their part. I learned much
from the Thai people.Their culture,Philosophy and way of
dealing with things … and the meaning of the word “Mai
Pen Rai” which the translation "never mind " does not
adequately explain! And again, i have something to thank
Thailand for…and you Dr Aspler for such a wonderful
forum. Sawadee Daniel Grandi