{YAK} RE: G.G. programs

Hi Surbhi,

I appreciate your candor. Having worked sales, technical and
management jobs (in computers), it makes me laugh to hear a
sales manager get “uppity” about sales people. I would rather
have a technically trained person I can teach sales skills than
an experienced sales person with limited knowledge of what they
are selling. This is assuming the technical person has a
reasonably pleasant personality.

He seems to think a customer would rather be happily B.S.ed,
than educated why they should buy the ring with the $1500 stone
over the $1200 stone! My experience (again in computers) is
that customers will cling to a salesperson they can tell is
honest and knowledgeable, and deal only when necessary with a
known idiot. Although I have seen exceptions to this rule! I
suspect fine jewelry sales are much the same, but this person
seems to think otherwise.

Again, I appreciate your feedback!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)