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[YAK] Private Mail Boxes


Just wanted to post a heads up message regarding the use of
Private mail boxes (PMB). As some of you may be aware the
United States Postal Service is changing it’s regulations
regarding the use of a PMB. The highlights of the changes
include that the PMB renter must fill out a form and have it
notarized. It includes the home address of each person
receiving mail at the box. Two types of identification are
required. One must contain a photograph of the Addressee. The
ID must show the applicant’s signature and a serial number or
similar that is traceable to the bearer. A
photocopy of the will be retained for verification.

The box number must be in the address as PMB (box number) before
the street address.

Everyone mailing to a PMB renter must address the mail properly,
with the PMB notation. If the PMB notation is omitted the mail
will be returned as undeliverable. This means that everyone who
might mail to you must be notified. The other kicker is that
the person mailing to you must realize that without the PMB
notation their mail will not be delivered.

The mandate of the post office is to deliver mail to all, they
are changing this. This is discriminatory. They are saying it
is an aid in stopping fraud, which is a nice idea, but do they
really think anyone who plans to commit fraud does not have the
ability to get false ID? They are putting at risk those people
who have the PMB as a measure of safety to keep their addresses
from an abuser or stalker. The requirement requires the address
of every person receiving mail at that address. This includes
minors. It includes the home addresses of corporate officers.
With the permanent home address requirement they are also
preventing delivery of mail to those who are homeless or are
using an RV as a home. As you know a PO Box does not allow
receiving of shipment from UPS or FedEX etc.

For more see and The site gives only their slight
change of position and makes it sound that the info will only be
given to law enforcement officials which they carefully note that
that provision is pending. Currently under the new regulation
anyone who requests the PMB renters home address could receive
it! The Postal Service has still not opened the comment period
for proposed regulations that would ban the release of
from form 1583 as they announced in their earlier
press release.

The unofficially extended deadline to have form 1583 turned in
is now August 25, 1999. The deadline for the post office to
accept mail without the PMB designation is April 26th, 2000.

Please check this out for yourself. If you are against this
please voice your opinion to your congressman. The site has on how to do this.

Thank you for your time.

May you always enamel with passion in your heart

Joan Schlaifer
Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies
PMB 1700
1441 Huntington Dr.
South Pasadena, CA 91030
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