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[YAK] Price list, don't read if you hate

  value and price are     relative.  If your local jewelry
store charges high prices for     work which is inferior to
yours, the immediate and inescapable     conclusion is that
you should be charging at least as much as the     jewelry
store. There is nothing wrong with charging as much or    
more than the competition if your work is better...  

Although I agree with most of what you say, I have to disagree
about “charging at least as much as the jewelry store” I work in
sterling, the department stores jewelry departments sell cast or
imported pieces stating that they are hand made, mine really are
made from scratch, the stores are charging minimal prices . . .
If I sold at the "department store prices, " I would, in fact, be
paying my customers to take my original pieces. I wish I could
afford to work in gold, but I cannot and don’t know whether I’d
even want to at this point. I

The public’s mentality at this time is to get the best they can
for flea- market prices. Charge what you feel YOU need to charge
to cover your expenses and to pay yourself for your workmanship.
Eventually you will find your niche in the marketplace.

Be passionate about what you are doing, and enjoy the
compliments when they come your way. . .