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[YAK] Price list, don't read if you hate newbie questions

Hello everyone, I know this is a rookie question, but let me
explain. I’m a completely self taught jeweler, and have done most
of my work for friends, family or myself. I have recently done a
few pieces to sell, and have had good results with interest…
Well, as soon as I put a piece out, I had a few people asking me
about making them custom pieces… Here’s my dilemma… I have no
idea what to charge. Everyone on here has some experience with
the jewelry work, but as I said, I’m self taught and have no one
to guide me on pricing my work ( the one local jewelry store is
overpriced and I seem to end up fixing THEIR repair work for my
friends) …especially custom … So, if anyone feels like being a
brief email helper, I would be forever in your debt. Yours in Pre
Professional Panic, Terry Swift, Midwest, Ohio Valley, won’t it
ever finally admit it’s spring?, USA