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[yak] PACKRAT ? Who me!

In a discussion the other day with several of my students, we
all realized that we all considered ourselves pack rats, and that
our significant others were always trying to cure us of this
illness. We all had boxes of materials going back several years
that we saved just in case we needed them. No one quite matched
my 30+ year hoard of goodies but some came close. This
condition, to my relief, was as common in the 25 year old women
as it was in the 40+ year old men. The surprising thing that non
of us had considered, was that we were all born under the same
sign, and all within 8 days of each other. Of course the years
were different. We are all Aries and all have birthdays between
the 10th and the 21st. I was just wondering how many of you,
that consider yourselves pack rats, fall into the same range of

Just Curious


Fred Krauter
Gristmill Craft School Specializing in Jewelry techniques
64 Beulah Rd.
New Britain, PA 18901 @Fred_Krauter1