[YAK] Orchid - The mail problem in detail

As you may have noticed, there were some significant problems
with the Orchid mailing list last night. I’m not sure exactly
what caused it, but somehow the mailing program got into a race
condition with another address. This may have been
srossing@huntsman.com. The Postmaster account at that domain
replied to the list and for some reason this went to the list
instead of getting stripped out by the Majordomo program. Since
the “bounce” went to the list, it went to everyone on this list,
including the bad address. This caused an infinite loop.

everyone on the Orchid mailing list received hundreds of copies
of these messages…:((

To fix the problem, I had to interrupt service for Orchid. I
deleted many messages destined for the list from the mail queue.
I believe all of them were bad “bounce” messages, but it is
possible that a few real submissions to the list were deleted.
You may may wish to resubmit anything they sent in over the last
12 hours or so. and still is not on the list.

I apologize for all the trouble this probably caused you This is
not supposed to happen with Majordomo, which is a widely-used and
well-tested program. I will be considering what steps we can
take in terms of system monitoring to help prevent this from
happening in the future.

thank you for reading

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.