[YAK] Online Backup Services

Good day, Orchids,

I’m going to start using an online backup service for my hard
drives. I’ve read the reviews (which are few) and still can’t decide
which to go with. I’m considering Mozy, Carbonite, and HP Upline. I
want to use it for two computers, be able to restore to the same
computers if there is a crash, ease of use is a must, and the service
must have 448 encryption. At this point Carbonite is the top of my

Your thought would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jeffrey Herman
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Well, I can tell you that I’ve used Carbonite for about 2 years now
on 3 computers. It has saved my butt more than once, is easy to use
(incredibly) and affordable. The only caveat is that if you do find
yourself having to do a major restore (a complete computer with a lot
of data) it will take a long time (multiple days for a really large
set of files) because it does the restore via download and tries not
to clog up the entire pipe. You can also do “file at a time” or
“folder at a time” restores.

The one thing that it cannot do, however, is restore something that
you deleted if you don’t realize it within a certain period of time
(I think it’s a month, but would need to double-check). So it’s not a
replacement for a periodical full-file backup to DVD or tape, but you
can just plan to do that once a month, rather than needing to do it
much more frequently.

Hope this helps!

Karen Goeller
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I have not used these back up services, But I work out of google
docs, All important files, photos, Excel work sheets are uploaded and
since I have ADSL I open it there and work and save it there, nothing
is saved on My computer. Even my email is Gmail.

I can let my dealers work on the spread sheet too in real time. This
way, where ever in the world any computer with internet is my

Ahmed Shareek

I use Mozy and have been pretty happy with the price and the daily
ease of backup. Having my system available off-site for backup is
one less thing to worry about with tornadoes, floods, and other
natural disasters that may not allow me to grab or recover my data

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