[YAK] Most postings awards

Don’t ask me why I got into this, but I just reviewed my deleted
mailbox that is holding mail between June 24, 2008 and today. The
top eight posters to the list (based on quantity of mail) goes like

  1. Daniel Spirer (73)
  2. Peter Rowe (78)
  3. James Binnion (87)
  4. Neil the Jeweler (87)
  5. Noel Yovovich (128)
  6. John Donivan (141)
  7. Leonid Surpin (147)

and the winner is:

  1. Helen Hill (256)

Admittedly my counting may have been off a bit as I was in a hurry so
I apologize if my numbers are slightly wrong (that is, if any of you
also want to waste your time counting old emails). Some of you other
posters have got a lot of writing to do to catch up with the rest of
us. Either that or the top 8 need to quiet down.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

Hello all

I’m one of the forum members that enjoys a good read everyday but
seldom participates. There are reasons: one, I receive the Orchid
Digest and read it in the evening so I cannot respond to the
messages flying back and forth throughout the day; two, I live in
Italy and probably the time change determines that when I do write
the message shows on the forum two days later and sometimes the
subject has been exhausted; three, many of you guys are experts and
I don’t want to make a fool of myself; and fourth, I’m not good at
waxing philosophical.

Every group needs core members that provide continuity. Actually I
appreciate it that professionals, from whom I am learning a lot,
daily take time to keep our forum vital.

Lois Martens