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[yak] more travel talk

I am headed to Seattle in March for the SNAG conference ( my
first one) and I wonder if anyone has any hints on fun things to
see. I may be staying an extra couple of days. I don’t really
get into the usual touristy things except for great scenery.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions, Deb

try the Snoquamie (Snowquamie?) Falls about an hour or so east
of Seattle…beautifull, and you can walk down to them ! There is
also a hotel or inn at the head of the waterfall…very pretty :slight_smile:

While you are ther be sure you look at all the antique
locomotives, it a railroad grave yard ! Fantastic !!

I always enjoy taking a round-trip ride on one of the Ferrys.
(ferries?)You could go to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton (shorter
trip). The scenery is worth it! Sometimes there are musicians
playing and passing the hat. I just grab a cup of coffee and
settle in and enjoy the ride!
I also enjoyed the IMAX theatre nearby. If Pike Place Market is
up and running at that time of year, it’s worth checking out as
well. No doubt you won’t be at a loss as to what to do once you
get there. It’s a wonderful town! Wish I were going too!


Try the Boeing Surplus warehouse. I hear they deliver items to
it for sale on Wednesdays. I’ve seen some very interesting items
in peopls studios from there like a 2 foot square 3" thick
stainless steel smooth ground surface plate for $10.00. And
tools. Charles

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Deb -

Glad you are coming. The organizing committee was talking about
putting together a whole list of interesting things in and around
Seattle - to be sent out with your conference registration
confirmation - I hope they did that. Tell me a bit more about
what interests you. Boeing Surplus sometimes is great. If you
are into outdoors equipment - you might visit REI’s new flagship
store - even has a rain room to try out raincoats - in Seattle no
less. The ski slopes are less than an hour’s drive. Somewhere, I
heard that the Ballard locks, connecting Lake Union with Elliot
Bay, are the biggest in the US - That is where the fish ladders
for the migrating salmon have windows so you can watch - that is
also where the sea lions come to eat lunch - has really depleted
the salmon run. Of course, a visit to the Pike Place Market is
fun. There might even be some geoducs for sale in the fish
market - not a duck, but a big clam, and a sight to talk about
when you return home…


Hi Deb:

It is hard when you do not know someone so I will just list a
few things and if they do not interest you e-mail me back and I
would be happy to try again if you tell me more of your

I live in Portland Oregon so things could have changed which I
am sure they have since I moved from there in 1989. When I was
there it was fun to go down on the wharf area for two reasons,
first if you do in fact like scenery it is always fun to take the
ferry, I spelled ferry 3 times before I got the correct kind for
you to go on. It has been a while. Downtown is where I assume
you will be staying but if for some reason you are staying
elsewhere let me know.

Tourist places are like the Space Needle which is a fun thing to
do, I do not know whether Seattle Center is open right now but I
am sure a lot of it is and that is a great place. BUT if you
want to go to a fun place try the Seattle Pike Street Market. It
is a great place if you are into handmade things and ethnic
crafts as well.

If you like to people watch Capital Hill is a great place to go
to have a Latte and just sit and watch the people. It is very
culturally enlightening, with a great blend of what Seattle has
to offer in way of alternate lifestyles.

There are some great art galleries downtown and would be very
easy to find if that is your cup of tea. I do not know you as I
said so I am not sure what else to tell you. If I may be of any
further assistance to you let me know. I have no idea if this
helped you out at all, there are local newspapers available that
will give you an idea of what is going on. The University area
is always interesting too but that is away from downtown and you
would need to use the transit system, bus or cab. Oh yes, the
downtown has a monorail that is cool. I was in Seattle for the
World’s Fair in like 1965 and it was a great city then, not that
it isn’t now but World’s Fairs are so engulfing and seem to go on
forever, you never see it all.

Hope this helped a bit, email if you have any questions or if I
am not giving you the you seek.


Mary- Thanks for the Seattle ideas. How far is Boeing Surplus
from the hotel? Can I go by cab? The sea lions would be fun to
see as well. I love small shops and galleries, not much into
outdoor activities since I hurt my back. I also like
architecture and music.

Maybe I will see you there? Deb

Mary- Thanks for the Seattle ideas.  How far is Boeing Surplus
from the hotel?  Can I go by cab? 

Deb, It is down in Kent, WA, too far for a cab. Best bet is to
try to hook up with someone with a car. I hope there would be a
bullitan board where such hooking up might be done. We have a
conference volunteers meeting Thursday night and I will ask about
something like this.

Those locks(and sea lions if they are there that time of year)
can be gotten to by bus

If you like architecture, you might be interested in seeing some
of the public art around town. We have had a very active 1% for
art program for years. There are pamphlets and several books
published on it. - Another thing I will ask about at the
volunteers meeting.

There are music clubs, but since I do not go I cannot advise on
them. Of course, there are LOTS of small shops. Antique malls I
dont find too exciting here, for Earlier American things - we
have a shorter history than other parts of the country. however,
there are some interesting Japanese antique shops down near
Pioneer Square - where everyone will be going Thursday night.
They have some exquisite metal items.

If you like contemporary lighting and furniture, there are
several stores down by the warves, just a bit south of Pike Place
Market - one is called Currents. Very upscale.

There is an interesting International District with two places
that have Dim Sum(yum yum) - easy bus ride. And just a few
blocks further is our main goodwill. Dont laugh - It used to be
a killer one, not quite so good now, but still okey - and BIG,
several acres under one roof.

The advice to take a ferry ride is a good one. Especially if
the weather is clear. Walk onto the Breamerton one and just do a
round trip, dont get off the other side. Beautiful views of Mt
Ranier and Seattle! About a 55 minute trip each way. Great ride
for not much $.

   Maybe I will see you there? Deb 

I will be there. I wear black and have my long grey hair up on
my head… Hope to see you.


Mary, I took one of your workshops in Long beach, hope to see
you in Seattle. It will be my first SNAG, and I’m really excited.
I haven’t made hotel reservations yet, I’m hoping to hook up
with an Orchid member or MASSG member as a roomie. I just
finished another workshop in Long Beach, and saw one of our
members wearing one of your lovely silver pins with twining? in
it. We were all very jealous!

See you then.