Yak-mongoose junction St. John USVI

Hello Mongoose Junction. I remember your introduction on orchid
last year but couldn’t find it in the archives. I got choked from
all the dust i stirred up in crawling through the stacks. I am
headed to St. Thomas to visit my father-in-law who lives there from
october till june. he leaves during hurricane season. I will be
there the last two weeks in may and would like to stop by and visit
and maybe do some business if you are going to be on island. Please
e-mail the name of your store at the junctionand your e-mail to
frankgo@earthlink.com and i will at least drop in and browse when
i am on island. Hope to see you soon as i always enjoy meeting
other orchid members, and No I do not have room in my suitcase for
any of the rest of you. Frank Houston, tx. Goingonvacationsoon.