[Yak] Lost Stones

My horror story was I got a weird phone call one sat. when I was
by myself and the first thing was my imagination runnig away with
me. I thought maybe just a thought that this person was setting
me up for a robbery or holdup and the carat diamond I was working
on became their target( yes paranoid - but just started in
business) So not thinking clearly took the diamond in a hurry
and hid it…well 10 months later and not having been robbed I
still couldn’t find the diamond and had already replaced the
diamond to the customer with a loan that was in itself painful.
Now spring and cleaning a closet a small shipping box appeared
and you bet ya that’s were I hid the little bugger. note that I
was only 30 at the time and demetia was a long way off. Lesson -
don’t do anything in a hurry Ron :-}