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[yak] Leg in Mouth disease

Tim, I’m impressed with your humility. That is a quality that
isn’t often seen today. By the way, if Tony Lent is such a good
friend…the damage can and will be undone!


Nicely done. Since I am a premie newbie in the metalworking
world, I have been trying to keep the cotton out of my ears and
in my mouth, however, in the rest of the areas I have some
impact in, I am very familiar with putting all possible feet and
extremities in my mouth. It’s called the "I could kick myself"
syndrome. I have a clinical and chronic case personally. I too
work on this every day.

I really respect your amends. So often humiliation is public
while apologies or amends are private. Good luck in your
continuing endeavors!

Mary Erdman

Tim, I really don’t recall the exchange you had but I wanted to
tell you that I respect you immensely for issuing this kind of
apology in public. As to the leg in mouth disease, most of us
have it, but very few deal with it the way you have here. Best
of luck. Rita

I don’t know anything about what was said or who the people are.
I just know it takes a lot for a person to dig down deep and
admit they made a mistake. I think it is o.k. to make mistakes.
Please forgive me folks for yakking but I had to respond.
Beverly @Beverly_Ann_Bevingto

My biggest regret is that I hurt a friend of mine in the
process, too bad that won't undo the damage done. 

I have noticed that this is a common situation with E-mail. What
is verbally a dry joke or freindly insult , is taken too
seriously or misunderstood when written. Ms. Manners says that
e-mail too often leads to rash statements and hurt feelings
because things are dashed off too quickly without enough thought
and sent without allowing time to reflect on ones words. Tim, a
little sucking up may go a long way with your freind. My freinds
all know what a jerk I am, and thankfully they still return my
calls. Mark P.